TCP/IP connection between Atari and Linux

SLIP Protocol - (Serial Line IP)

This little text explains how to establish a SLIP connection between two Atari, or between an Atari and a PC under Linux, connected with a Null-Modem cable. The Atari uses Mint and MintNet.
Note: if you use MiNT 1.15.12 or older, install HSModem to have high speed serial ports.

Step 1: Give an IP adress to each machine

I give these IP adresses to my machines: : Linux machine (name:pclinux) : Atari machine (name:atarimint)

Edit /etc/hosts on both machines, to add the lines:

-- /etc/hosts	pclinux	atarimint
Step 2: Start the connection on the PC

Replace /dev/ttyS0 by the serial port you connected the Null-Modem cable.

pclinux# slattach -p slip -s 115200 /dev/ttyS0 &
to affect a SLIP interface, running at 115200 bauds to the serial port.
pclinux# ifconfig sl0 pointopoint up

to affect the IP adresses on both sides of the SLIP interface.

Step 3: Start the connection on the Atari

Replace /dev/ttyb by the serial port you connected the Null-Modem cable.

atarimint# slattach -l -r -s 115200 -p slip -t /dev/ttyb &

Do the same thing as on the PC. The IP adresses are swapped. ifconfig is automatically done.

Step 4: Test the connection

Begin with a ping on both machines.

pclinux# ping atarimint
on the PC
atarimint# ping pclinux
on the Atari

If packets are transmitted, it works ! (You're the king of the world !!!)
Note: The Atari refuses any connection from the PC as long as the Atari has not done one on the PC (telnet,ftp or other). So, begin with a connection from the Atari.

atarimint# telnet pclinux

Then, the PC must be able to connect the Atari without problems. Telnet, Ftp, Web, Nfs, and so on... must work in the two directions, at the same time, on both machines.
With ftp, average speed is 9.4Ko/s, if the computers do not do anything special. At 115200 bauds, the theorical speed is 115200/10 = 11.52Ko/s.

Personnal productions
Development tools
Create a patch for binutils (binutils 2.16.1)
Create a patch for gcc (gcc 3.3.6, C language only)
Create a patch for gcc (gcc 3.3.6, C++ language)
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