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124 Beers later

It's my first official demo in the TRIO crew, I have done all the code. The resulting thing maybe is not top, but what counts when I code, is to have fun.

124 Beers Later screenshot Binary (Atari Falcon): (1800 KB)

Sources (Linux+OpenGL, Win32+OpenGL):
The124BeersLaterDemo-1.2.tar.gz (1218 KB)
(Needs SDL, SDL_image and SDL_mixer, available at


My second demo in the TRIO crew. This time I don't make all the code (for the soundtrack player and the fire). I tried to make more "designed" effects, but it does not look so good. To note : a mapping routine with a DSP-anti-aliased texture. I don't know if someone else tried to do this, but I have done it.

Binary (Atari Falcon): (817 KB)

Sources (Linux+OpenGL, Win32+OpenGL):
Xtasie-1.1.tar.gz (759 KB)
(Needs SDL, SDL_image et SDL_mixer, available at
Xtasie screenshot
Personnal productions
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